Thank you to the following contributors and others for their invaluble help and advice in developing Onionbalance. Contributions of any kind (code, documentation, testing) are very welcome.

  • Donncha Ó Cearbhaill
    • Original author and maintainer of Onionbalance!!!
  • Federico Ceratto
    • Tireless assistance with Debian packaging and Onionbalance improvements.
    • Replaced and reimplemented the job scheduler.
    • Implemented support for Unix signals and added a status socket to retrieve information about the running service.
  • Michael Scherer
    • Improving the Debian installation documentation.
  • s7r
    • Assisted in testing and load testing Onionbalance from an early stage.
    • Many useful suggestions for performance and usability improvements.
  • Ceysun Sucu
    • Added code to reconnect to the Tor control port while Onionbalance is running.
  • Alec Muffett
    • Extensively tested Onionbalance, found many bugs and made many suggestions to improve the software.
  • duritong
    • Packaged Onionbalance for Fedora, CentOS, and Redhat 7 (EPEL repository).