Status Socket

Basic information about running Onionbalance can be obtained by querying so called status socket.

Status socket is a Unix socket file created by Onionbalance. It is automatically closed by Onionbalance after reading it to the end.


The overall format of the status socket output is clear from the above example. Note that ` “introPointsNum” : 3, ` and introModified for an instance is optional, uploaded* and publishAttempt* for a service may be null.

Meaning of non-self-explanatory fields:

  • introSetModified is the intro set last modified timestamp.
  • introPointsNum is the number of introduction points on the descriptor.
  • publishAttemptFirstDescriptor and publishAttemptSecondDescriptor are the last publish attempt timestamps for first and second descriptors.
  • descriptorReceived is the received descriptor timestamp.


Status socket filesystem location can be configured either by status-socket-location in the YAML config file or by ONIONBALANCE_STATUS_SOCKET_LOCATION environment variable (environment takes precedence).

If neither is given, the socket file is not opened.

Example config file: